Maximise Your Yields

Producing Healthier Poultry Faster

Raise your poultry under the ideal conditions made possibly by PoultryHouse Barns.


  • Leading feed conversion rates through maximum weight gain with economical feed input
  • Reduced disease invasion and mortality
  • Elimination of discomfort-induced stress
  • More effective vermin proofing: PoultryHouse Barns have been designed to prevent roosting, nesting and ingress of native birds
  • PoultryHouse Barns are also specially sealed to avoid intrusion of pests
  • Ease of cleaning through effective sealing and elimination of horizontal surfaces
  • Minimal use of joins to effectively eliminate insect friendly environments

"The PoultryHouse Barns perform very well in climates of both extremes. Even growth rates are very consistent and feed conversion rates are brilliant!”

Joe Tabolie – Poultry Grower