Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long have you been building Chicken Sheds?

We have been building sheds for many years now; the Father of the family business ran a Chicken farm in Kilkenny SA, in the 1950’s & 1960’s then began structural steel fabrication in 1978.

The ‘new style’ curved roof shed has been in the market for 7 years and proven to be very successful. Smoke testing results have confirmed the design is the only method of effective air mixing that the experts are looking for.


How many poultry sheds have you built?

By the end of 2014 we will have built approximately 100 Poultry Sheds with another 30 - 100 proposed for 2015/2016.


Do you build Free Range Sheds?

Yes. We recently built 8 Free Range, Curved Roof, Curtain Sided Sheds in Tasmania, and are about to launch a unique design on the mainland to accommodate the all RSPCA specs for Free Range Sheds.


So, Why the Curved Roof?

As you know, to grow a chook, Fresh Air, Ventilation & Climate control plays a major part.

The one piece roof sheet has solved a lot of unnecessary ingress from poorly fitted ridge vents. The curved roof is all about airflow & consistent climate control. – (Watch the smoke test)

We consider all this including running efficiencies at design stage to compliment your choice of heaters & coolers. It’s all about consistent climate control which makes for bigger birds faster.


Is it all Australian Material?

Yes – although on the rare occasion, some clients are happy to accept imported materials to reduce initial investment cost. 


What are the Warranties?

We believe in our product so much that we can offer a 60 year structural warranty!

All the cladding is covered by the BlueScope Warranties – 25 years on Zincalume and 30 years on Colorbond.


What type of Ceiling Material do you use in these sheds?

We typically use a Galvanized lo-rib profile (not Zincalume) as this is the only product BlueScope recommend for the interior of broiler buildings. (Colorbond is not used as it is only paint coating and will react with time from the Humidity & Ammonia)

Plus we also use PVC ceilings such as a Corflute type material for an alternative.


What is the Wall Material?

We use a thermally rated 75mm Bondor EFS (Poly Bead) wall which provides excellent thermal properties. We can build other materials if you want; PIR & PUR material is available.


What are the normal bay spacing’s?

These can vary to client’s request, however we typically have 7.6 metre bay spacing – we achieve this by using heavy duty Structural Steel which is all Hot Dipped Galvanized.


Can you run Indoor Enrichment Lines in these sheds (RSPCA Perch Lines)?

Yes, the building is engineered to accommodate this very easily. We work with you in the development stage to ensure these are allowed for.


How much money will I have to outlay for one of these sheds?

Each proposal is individually calculated to suit clients’ needs. Overall, the investment value is economically great value for money, and quickly paid off as opposed to the cheapest broiler building on the market, and we have statistics to prove this.

A Spanlift Poultry House farm is of far greater value to an investor than an old style conventional pitched roof.


Do you do Turn Key Projects including Fit-out etc.?

Yes, but No.

We are specialists in the Design, Manufacture, and Building of Poultry Houses.

We do not get side-tracked by ‘other’ trades. However, if you want to engage our Project Management Team, we can take your project from Conception to Completion. We work closely with Land Agents, Private Certifiers for Planning / Development and Building Approvals, Fire Service Engineers, Earthworks, Plumbers Electricians & Fit-out suppliers.

Our Project Management Team can assist you in obtaining and assessing the correct Scope of Works for each trade while you enjoy your holiday or concentrate on your alternative business affairs.