About Us

PoultryHouse Barns is a division of Spanlift Australia Pty Ltd. Spanlift Australia has been manufacturing since 1975, and supplies the national and international markets with design & construction packages for portal framed buildings, to suit small to large construction sites.

PoultryHouse Barns has evolved from our extensive knowledge in the construction industry and a need in the poultry industry for better barns to help maximise the poultry farmers ROI.

With our existing knowledge and extensive research into the Poultry Industry, we have developed our unique Broiler Shed series of sheds which have been proven to increase the yields of each batch, maximise the return on investment, and save the farmer money in energy costs!

All of PoultryHouse Barn steel frames, are fully hot dipped galvanised, to endure the most aggressive climate conditions. PoultryHouse Barns prefers to use BHP steel materials for all of their footing cages, to columns, trusses, rafters, purlins, roofing iron and wall cladding material. This helps us ensure that our clients not only get a good looking barn – they also get a long lasting barn and a far greater return on investment!