Spanlift Intensive Farming Buildings - formerly Poultry House Barns

Spanlift Australia Intensive Farming Buildings - formerly known as PoultryHouse Barns are scientifically designed poultry growing environments which provide a more bio secure, efficient and comfortable bird accommodation that minimises stress and promotes faster, healthier growth.

We have developed a barn specifically for effective poultry production - an evolutionary concept that leaves the old, inefficient ‘chook shed’ approach in the past - where it belongs.

Major design innovation improves poultry comfort and increases productivity. Spanlift Intensive Farming Poultry Buildings are purpose designed to create the ideal growing environment to maximise bird health and feed conversion rates. The result is higher quality poultry, ready for sale faster, meaning increased return on investment. This unique concept is based on a thorough understanding of the poultry industry and the specific needs of growers.